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Ann Frössén will exhibit a new collection of paintings at L'Embarcadčre 5th -30th of March 2002. The Art Gallery of 700 m2 space is situated by the river in Lyon, France.

At the opening 5th of March, her new video art work, (29 minutes, in an edition of 6), will be projected on a large screen in the gallery.

Ann Frössén, born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1953, wants by her art, mostly depicting the vast sea and oceans, encourage us to look into our souls, into the deep, having the courage to see, to dear living, le courage de vivre.

This is her first exhibition in France. Previous exhibitions have been in Germany, Poland, Denmark, Finland, the Baltic Lands and Sweden.
Ann's most recent exhibition was in
Stockholm at the Artist Union House and included photography, painting, a picture book and a sound track. This was highlighted on SVT, Swedish Television, Lilla Magasinet programme.

A CD will accompany the exhibition which overviews Ann Frössén's work and previous exhibitions.