Ann Frössén's paintings have been shown at many of the Naval and Maritime Museums in the countries surrounding the Baltic, and during the spring and summer of 1998 her work will be exhibited at the Naval Museums in Copenhagen and Karlskrona, respectively.
The theme of her exhibition is entitled MARE ANIMAE, or The Inner Sea, the intention of which is to reveal an aspect of the Sea not usually presented at such Museums, while at the same time demonstrating that two completely different perceptions of the sea can be seen to have much in common. Both the Seas of our planet and the human soul contain a riches of the secret and the unexpected, for who has not at some time experienced the inner storm, the peace of mirror-calm waters, felt indignation and tranquillity, been exposed to menace or found comfort in a safe haven.
Ann Frösséns paintings encourage the beholder to partake in an imaginative union of the outer and inner expression of the human condition.

Tom Ohlsson, The Naval museum Karlskrona, Sweden
Ole Lisberg Jensen, The Royal Danish Naval museum Copenhagen, Denmark