Moving Images.

All my art is about life.
I want to visualize the moving emotional stage of living.
I am strongly convinced that you should not be afraid of the unknown.
We are all on one earth together.

I want to show the power of painting and video as art that emotionally move our senses and look on life in different directions and positions. There is a mystery in doing art as every artist knows. Large paintings give us an impact of near, close up view and a feeling of being close to the image and it's magic.

I have always seen a kind of speed and movement in my paintings, so to do a video film is for me continuous, my future way for paintings to be - moving images.

I feel a strong relationship with the German artist Gerhard Richter, for his way of painting, the film director Alfred Hitchcock, for creating excitement the way he does, the American artist Bill Viola, for his view on life and the old brave Swedish artist Anders Zorn for his courage.

In the Museum of Foreign Art in 1995 my exhibition Mare Animae included a large number of paintings, about 50 pieces, colourful paintings. Now I want to show a more meditative, contemplative exhibition with a firmer scale of colours.
I am not doing big series of paintings, now they are more individual and unique. The distance or space between my thought, vision or idea and my hand doing what I want is shorter, sometimes there is no distance.

Riga, October 2003

Ann Frössén

The exhibition was realized with the support from: The Nordic Council in Riga, Riga Sea Line, the Swedish Embassy in Riga, Eksperts Pro Baltija SIA.